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FunBrain.com includes a variety of educational and instructional games, such as "Swing Fling," "Frost Bite," "Math Baseball," "Mummy Hunt" and "Penguin Drop," as of 2015. Other games on the site include "Water Bug," "Translator Alligator," "Place Value Puzzle," "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" and "Roly Poly Rodeo."

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FunBrain.com serves as an educational entertainment resource for children in various school levels, ranging from kindergarten to the eighth grade. The site organizes its games into categories according to the skills they strengthen, such as math and reading. It also offers two additional categories for games, Fun Arcade and Playground, which collect the games into a larger theme, such as a forest playground. Clicking on the title of a game loads its individual page that offers instructions on how to play it and, in some cases, special options to designate its difficulty level.

For example, clicking on the Math Arcade categories loads a list of all mathematical games, including the game "Math Baseball." The main page for the game explains that the game presents players with a series of math problems to solve in order to swing the bat at a baseball game. If the player answers the problem correctly, she scores a single, double or triple according to the difficulty of the problem. If she answers incorrectly, she receives an out. The page also includes options to choose the type of math equations to answer, difficulty level and whether to include algebraic styling.

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