What Are Some Games Where You Can Create Your Own Superhero?


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Two of the most popular games that allow players to create their own super hero are "Champions Online" and "DC Universe Online." Both are free to play MMOs that feature a wide range of hero customization options.

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In "Champions Online," players take control of a hero they create by choosing between thousands of costume pieces and body types. Players can then assign special powers to their heroes, such as the ability to manipulate force fields or shoot fire from their fingertips. "Champions Online" also allows players the chance to customize the appearance of their hero's individual powers. For example, heroes could shoot green fireballs or wield weapons of different colors. Finally, players are able to not only customize their own heroes, but also their hero's personal archvillian, using the same creation methods.

"DC Universe Online" offers many of the more popular features found in "Champions Online," such as the ability to choose from many different costume parts. However, "DC Universe Online" allows players the chance to play not only heroes, but villains as well. Players can also experience the world of DC Comics through the game, with adventures written by some of the most popular writers for the company. Also, players have the chance to team up with iconic heroes and villains, such as Batman, The Joker, Wonder Woman and The Green Lantern, as they either try to save the universe or destroy it.

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