What Are Some Games for Big Kids?


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"Mummy," a game where two teams choose one of their members to be a mummy and race to wrap their mummy in toilet paper first, is a great game for teenagers and older kids alike. Awards can be given to the team with the fastest and most creative wrapping.

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"I Never" is a game where players sit in a circle each with a pile of 20 pieces of candy. Everyone takes turns going around the circle saying things they have never done: for example, "I have never been to Europe." If someone has done what has been said, he must eat a piece of candy. The first person who has eaten all his candy wins.

"Eat The Donut" is a game wherein players thread donuts (one donut for every two people) onto a thick piece of string, and hang the string between two trees. The players break into two teams and see who can eat their donuts fastest without using their hands or arms. If a donut falls from the string, that team is eliminated.

"Freeze Dance" is a game revolving around a party playlist that involves dancing music. One person controls the music. While the music's playing, all the players must start dancing, and when the music shuts off, any player who does not freeze in position is eliminated. The last dancer standing is the winner.

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