What Are Some Games Based on the Movie "Jaws"?


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"Jaws," a 1987 NES game, and the 2014 mobile app game "Jaws Revenge," are based on the movie "Jaws." The NES game, published by LJN, is most similar to the fourth film in the "Jaws" franchise, according to GiantBomb.com.

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"Jaws Revenge" is officially licensed and available for iOS and Android devices. Players, as the famed great white shark, feed on swimmers, seagulls, boats and other victims. Throughout the 40 levels players also collect coins for upgrading such attributes as the shark's size, teeth and skin. SharkGame.net offers games that are in the same style as the films, but are not based on them. Some of its games are "Prehistoric Shark," "Sydney Shark," "Medieval Shark" and "Miami Shark."

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