What Are Some Games Available From Total Jerkface?


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Some games available from Total Jerkface include モHappy Wheelsヤ and モDivine Intervention.ヤ Game designer Jim Bonacci operates Total Jerkface as an outlet for his Flash-based online games.

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モHappy Wheelsヤ is Bonacciメs major creation, a ragdoll physics game that vaguely resembles a racing title. Players navigate through levels in a variety of vehicles, from wheelchairs to bikes and subway cars, typically attempting to reach some sort of goal or endpoint. The gameメs physics allow for a wide range of movement, and players can make characters lean different directions in addition to moving. The gameメs hallmark is its extreme, cartoonish violence, as landing incorrectly or running into an obstacle typically causes characters to be crushed, decapitated or dismembered. After completing or failing a level, players can view replays of their performances.

モHappy Wheelsヤ is also notable for its wide array of user-generated content. The game allows users to create, edit and share their own levels, most of which are housed on the Total Jerkface website. The game boasts an enormous selection of user content spanning many different genres.

モDivine Interventionヤ is Bonacciメs first game. A more conventional action shooter, the game puts players in control of a heavily-armed priest in a city beset by demonic possession. Players must make their way across the gameメs levels, killing enemies and collecting new weapons. The game is unique in its implementation of a point and click mechanic used to shoot.

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