What Games Are Available Through Kizi Games?


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Some games available through Kizi Games, as of 2015, include モHaunt the House,ヤ モDuck Life: Treasure Huntヤ and モSuper Mechs.ヤ Kizi offers a variety of free games in many different genres, with tutorial videos available for most of them.

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モHaunt the Houseヤ is a unique title that combines elements of action, arcade and puzzle gaming. While controlling a small ghost, players attempt to scare the guests at a house party by possessing different objects and furniture. Possessing objects allows players to interact with them in different ways, which can have different effects on guests. "Haunt the House" features simple gameplay and an atmospheric soundtrack.

モDuck Life: Treasure Huntヤ is similar to the popular モFlappy Birdヤ but with more depth. Players control a treasure-hunting duck exploring a cave filled with riches. Clicking the mouse makes the duck move up, while doing nothing makes it fall to the ground, and players must time their clicks to collect treasure and avoid obstacles. The game also features a town interface where players can sell treasure and buy new items.

モSuper Mechsヤ blends action and strategy, putting players in control of customizable battling mechs, or complex robots. Fighting against other opponents, players take turns tactically moving their mechs by selecting battle commands. Upgradable parts and weapons are available to players.

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