What Games Are Available to Play at Coolmath-Games.com?


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Coolmath-Games.com features action, puzzle and strategy games that provide mild educational value in addition to entertainment value. Games include "Sugar, Sugar," "SLIPE," "Sweetland," "Pre-Civilization Bronze Age" and "Catch the Candy Mech," as of 2015. Available to play for free, each game features a different control scheme.

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Coolmath-Games.com, a games portal site, features games from different developers rather than games exclusively made by the site owners. As such, each game differs from the others in terms of graphics, style, gameplay and purpose. However, most rely on a certain level of strategy and skill to complete, which means that they provide some educational value for younger players. The site features categories according to the style of the game, such as logic games or games that involve numbers. It also includes sections for recent additions to the site and popular games according to the number of plays.

One example of the educational value of the games is found in the game "SLIPE." The game tasks players with moving tiles across a grid in order to connect two arrows on the sides of the grid. As each tile contains either a straight or curved path, the player must use basic logic to arrange the tiles in a manner that connects the arrows in as few moves as possible.

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