What Games Are Available for Girls on Stardoll?


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Stardoll contains a variety of games for both boys and girls, many of which focus on aspects such as design, fashion and celebrity life. Some of the games on the site include "Brand Detective," "Primp My Pet," "Celeb Quiz," "Design Studio" and "Dreamface," as of 2015.

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Stardoll.com combines aspects of a traditional social network with elements of design and dress-up games to create a unique entertainment experience for its users. In addition to a personal page and various chatting features, the site contains many different interactive games. One of the primary games on the site is a dress-up and fashion creation game that simulates traditional paper doll dress-up toys. This game enables players to choose a base character and customize its physical appearance, then add on different outfits and accessories. Many users recreate different celebrities within this game.

Other games on the site function like typical online games, in that they contain a base mechanic and theme for justifying the game play. For example, the game "Brand Detective" challenges players to locate the names of different brands within a word search, engaging the fashion aspect of the site. Another game, "Design Studio," allows players to design different items of clothing, many of which look similar to those available in the dress-up game.

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