What Games Are Available on Cooler Math?


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Some games that are available on Cooler Math include "Math Apocalypse," "Tiny Math Planets" and "Math Charge." Each of the games is available to play for free.

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In "Math Apocalypse," the players are the last hope of the human race when aliens invade and begin to feed on weak brains. To defeat the aliens, the players must solve math problems and enter the correct answer to shoot electrical currents at them. The players select the type of math problems they want, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or a combination of all four.

In "Tiny Math Planets," players create math problems that help them get to the numbered square where they can finish the level. In some cases, the players must answer a variety of math questions, such as addition, subtraction and multiplication. Each level becomes progressively more difficult and has additional dangers and reward items to obtain. Some levels require the player to complete the problem within a time limit to avoid a moving danger, such as dangling spiders.

In "Math Charge," players are on a boat on the surface of the ocean and must drop bombs onto the enemy's submarine. The players must complete the math problem on the submarine to determine the correct depth for the bomb to detonate. The players must also move their ship back and forth to avoid torpedoes shot from the submarines. The math problems are all multiplication.

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