What Games Does Arcademic Skill Builders Offer?


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As of 2015, Arcademic Skill Builders offers educational games that encourage language arts, math, geography and typing proficiency. For example, モToad Hopヤ is a race requiring players to match the provided capital cities to the correct countries. In モSailboat Subtraction,ヤ players answer math problems to win tug-of-war battles between sailboats.

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What Games Does Arcademic Skill Builders Offer?
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The games are intended for students in grades one to six, and players can search for games by grade level or subject. The majority of games enable players to compete with both computer characters and real students, allowing children worldwide to test their skills against competitors of similar age and academic level. Due to the competitive element, a large number of the games use variations of the racing format. In モJumping Chicks,ヤ players sharpen counting skills by choosing the correctly numbered grouping of leaves to jump on, while モOtter Rushヤ challenges older students to solve multiplication problems rapidly.

Another common game style involves identifying or eliminating targets. In モWord Invasion,ヤ an octopus shoots beams at floating jellyfish when the player correctly identifies parts of speech. In モVerb Viper,ヤ players must quickly choose the correct verb tense for the provided subject before the words pass by. In モRatio Blaster,ヤ players fire a laser cannon at the spaceship displaying a ratio equivalent to the provided value.

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