Which Games Allow Users to Raise a Virtual Puppy?


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Games in which where players raise a virtual puppy include "Virtual Puppy" at BubbleBox.com, "FooPets" and "Dogzer." These games each offer a variety of puppies from which to choose and raise to adulthood.

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"Virtual Puppy" is a free game that requires taking good care of the puppy. The player must bathe it, train it to behave and do tricks, and ensure it always has food and water. Grooming activities, such as trimming the puppy's nails, are also included.

In "FooPets," the player chooses from numerous puppy options. The player adopts the puppy and can also choose to breed it with another dog.

"Dogzer" offers more than 400 breeds of dogs from which to choose. The player can buy and sell dogs, buy products for the dogs, breed them and participate in dog shows.

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