Which Games Allow Kids to Design Their Own Rooms?


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Some games that allow kids to design their own rooms include "Room Maker," "Design Your Kids Room," "Little Bedroom Maker" and "Bedroom Design," as of May 2015. Many kids' room design games are free to play and include options for customizing the room to suit both boys' and girls' tastes.

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The game "Room Maker" on DiscoveryKids.com first presents the player with the option to choose from a room with a round window or one with French doors. Once the player chooses a room type, she is able to select from several different room elements to begin the design process, such as beds, chairs, tables and rugs. When a player chooses a category, she then clicks on a specific item to add it to the room and drags it to her desired position. Similarly, "Little Bedroom Maker" on GirlsGoGames.com also allows players to drag different items into the room and freely position them anywhere they choose.

At the start of "Bedroom Design" on DressupGirl.net, the player immediately begins choosing furniture rather than selecting a room design. The game includes various decor options that cover the room, but it doesn't allow the player to arrange them freely. "Design Your Kids Room" on Game2Girls.com also uses predetermined placements for room items.

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