What Are Some Games That Allow You to Create Your Own Animal?


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Neopets and PsyPets are some games that allow the players to create their own animals or virtual pets. Both websites are browser based and free to play with optional paid features.

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What Are Some Games That Allow You to Create Your Own Animal?
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PsyPets puts players in the position of caretaker while their pet grows and develops, while Neopets is based on earning NeoPoints and NeoCash to dress up and train online pets.

On PsyPets, the players' pets actively carry out actions on their own, while players on Neopets carry out actions on their passive pets. For instance, pets on PsyPets go hunting for food and gathering for resources, and may build crafts out of the resources that they collect in order to level up. The players may sell these resources in order to buy more items to support the pet's activities. On Neopets, the players earns NeoPoints by playing flash games or selling items in their shop, which they use to purchase food and toys to give to their pets.

Both games feature fictional species specific to the game universe, with some species based on real-world animals. For instance, PsyPets features bunnies and cats as pets alongside fictional monsters and dragons, while Neopets features the dog-based Lupe and the hamster-based Meerca.

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