What Are Some Games That Allow You to Build Your Own Virtual House?


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Some online games that allow players to build their own virtual houses include “Create a House” and “Build-a-lot.” While both of these games allow players to build houses, “Build-a-lot” also allows players to construct, upgrade, sell and rent houses that they build for virtual money. Both games are free to play and are available on websites such as RoundGames.com and Games.com as of 2015.

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In “Create a House,” players use a computer mouse to drag and drop pre-designed house pieces around the game window. Hover over the “?” symbol located on the top right side of the game window to see an example of a house that the developer created using the same house pieces. Click the orange button at the top right side of the screen to reset the entire game.

In “Build-a-lot,” players build, buy and sell houses to make their own virtual neighborhood. The goal of the game is to build houses to increase their rental income. Each stage requires players to complete a specific task before they run out of time. The first few stages of the game are tutorials to help get the player acquainted with the controls.

Players use a computer mouse to control “Build-a-lot.” Before they can build a house, they must create a blueprint and choose an empty lot to build the house in. Players also have the option to demolish a house at any time. The amount of money and materials that they have determines the type of home that they can build.

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