What Are Some Games or Activities for Senior Citizens?

games-activities-senior-citizens Credit: Sean Murphy/Stone/Getty Images

Card games are enjoyable to senior citizens. According to Love To Know, a few fun card games are sequence, phase 10 and pinochle. There are also different versions of solitaire. Word puzzles, crosswords and jigsaw puzzles appeal to older people as well. Board games are another option, including bingo and Scrabble.

Wii sports games are a fun alternative. Civilization III is an electronic game enjoyed by history buffs. Brain Age is a hand-held game for Nintendo DS, and it is known for stimulating the memory.

For outdoor games, horseshoe and badminton are choices to consider. Bocce is a game that requires tossing a ball around. Croquet players use a mallet to get balls through wickets. Shuffle board, which calls for shuffling weights to get the highest score, is another outdoor game senior citizens enjoy.

Uno is a game for people of any age group. Mahjong requires pairing and removing tiles. A game that is geared towards senior citizens is Senior Moment, which pokes fun at forgetful moments. Senior Moment is fun for the whole family, and it jogs the memory. Reminiscing is another memory game that calls on players to remember such things as music and other past events. Name That Tune is a game that requires players to recall old tunes from songs and game shows.