What Are Some Games on ABC Arcade?


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Some top games on ABC Arcade are Bubble Shooter, Pacxon and Tetris, as of 2015. Most games on the website are highly interactive and range from strategy, adventure and puzzle.

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Bubble Shooter, a Classic Game at ABC Arcade, involves aiming at stacks of different colored bubbles with a single bubble whose color changes at random with each turn. The player must shoot a set of two or more bubbles that share the same color as the shooting ball until he clears every bubble or fails to clear every bubble, causing them to drop to his shooting line. The player receives a foul if he fails to break any bubbles in a turn, causing a new line of bubbles to be added if he receives too many fouls.

Pacxon is a different approach to the classic arcade game Pac-Man, requiring the player to create rows and columns of blocks using the Pac-Man character without having the two enemies in the game hit the player or his current row of blocks. Instead of trying to eat all of the pac-dots that exist within a maze, the player must use the arrow keys on his keyboard to create rows of blocks until every cell is filled with a block.

Tetris on ABC Arcade is nearly identical to the original game. The player must use the arrow keys on his keyboard to maneuver different shapes of blocks into lines to clear them before the blocks reach the top.

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