What Are Some Games for 7-Year-Olds?


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Some popular games for 7-year-olds include Battleship, Simon and paper airplanes. Other possibilities are hangman, memory and activities involving science projects or construction like Kinex and Lincoln Logs. Games can be board games, physical games like tag and hide-and-seek or games focused on educational development and problem-solving skills.

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Knowledge Adventure has several games specifically suited to 7-year-olds, and all of these games can be played online. The offerings range from educational options designed to foster the development of math and reading skills, like Math Lines and Word Scramble, to those that focused on hand-eye coordination and fun, such as Pac Man and Eyesight Challenge.

JumpStart also offers a variety of educational games and activities for children to play on the computer, including those in the subjects of English, reading, math, science and motor skills. There are also activities just for fun, including a selection of coloring pages and engaging short stories. JumpStart also recommends physical games that involve running, jumping, swimming and dancing.

For those looking for games and activities for 7-year-olds that don't require Internet access, Fat Brain Toys has compiled a list of games and activities suited for this age group. Building games like Squigz and Snap Circuits Jr. are popular, as are board games like Chess and Acuity. Fat Brain Toys also recommends hands-on activities such as Kinetic Sand and Terrarium Kits.

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