What Are the Best Gamer Tags?


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According to The Top Tens, some of the best gamertags include Frankthetank, Amigo Zombie, Suicide Bandit, Psychowarrior and Fourbuttpickles. Choosing gamertags is a way for online gamers to establish their gaming identities. Gamers often use their gamertags outside of games as well, such as on forums.

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Determining what the best gamertags are is a matter of opinion, but there are a few general rules that gamers can follow to keep their gamertags from being too clichéd. According to Altered Gamer, people should avoid using outdated Internet or gaming slang. An example of such a word is “noob.” This is a slang gaming term that stands for “newbie.” The word gained a lot of popularity as a way to put down the skills of a fellow gamer when game franchises like "Call of Duty" started being released.

The best gamertags usually stay clear of unnecessary boasting because these names are generally not memorable. For example, the name Deadly Snipa gets the point across that the user is good at sniping. However, not only is the name not memorable, but the gamer using this gamertag is setting himself up for trash talk anytime he misses a shot. A name like A Terrible Shot is a lot more memorable and funny. Anyone killed by a gamer using this gamertag remembers that he was killed by A Terrible Shot.

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