Are There Any Game Websites That Are Not Blocked?


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It is impossible to tell which game websites are not blocked without examining the browser settings of the person trying to reach blocked video game websites. However, it is possible to circumnavigate some blocks by using a proxy service.

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To unblock blocked websites, find a website for a proxy service such as HMA. To use the service for free, find the limited free proxy tool, and enter the blocked URL. Because the destination site is accessed through the HMA servers, the browser does not notice that it is visiting a blocked site. The address for the proxy appears in the browser's address bar, rather than the address of the blocked site.

Unfortunately, transmitting a game website through a free proxy can be slow. However, there are also virtual private networks that can get past blocks. When virtual private network software is downloaded to a computer, it gets around blocks and provides users with the speed they need for video streaming and gaming. However, many virtual private networks charge a monthly or annual subscription fee.

Virtual private networks block the IP address of the person using the Internet and substitute an anonymous address. When the person using a virtual private network visits a website, the data from that site is sent to the virtual private network's servers and then encrypted before being sent back to the original user.

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