What Are Some Facts About the Game "Happy Wheels"?


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"Happy Wheels" is a free, online browser game in which players must race from the start of a level to the finish. The game is notable for its over-the-top graphic violence, though it is presented in a comedic fashion.

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"Happy Wheels" has received significant commentary on its graphic violence. As players race across the level, errors in judgment can result in being decapitated or shot or having limbs amputated by falling objects. As such, the game is intended for adults only, as the graphic violence may be off-putting to most children.

The gameplay of "Happy Wheels" is very simple. The main controls of the game are the arrow keys, which control direction; the space bar, which executes the player's main action; and the Z key, which ejects the player from his vehicle.

The game was developed by Jim Bonacci in 2010 and has since gone through numerous iterations. The full version of the game is only available on Bonacci's home page, though other websites have licensed demo versions of the game. "Happy Wheels" is programmed to allow users to create and design their own levels to be shared with other players. Versions of the game for iOS and Android mobile devices are currently in development, though release dates have yet to be announced.

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