What Is the Game Diplomacy?


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Diplomacy is a board game in which each player represents a European power prior to World War I. The seven powers represented are Great Britain, France, Austria, Turkey, Russia, Germany and Italy. The game begins in the spring of 1901, and each year afterward includes spring and autumn turns.

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Because there are seven pre-WWI European powers, the game is best played with seven people. Each player controls two types of military units: army units and navy units. There are four possible moves. A player can move units into adjacent territories. Players can order units to hold their positions. Units can support an allied unit in defending an adjacent territory, or they can support an allied unit in an attack an adjacent territory.

One of the most important characteristics of this game that sets it apart from similar board games is that there is no element of chance involved. Accordingly, no dice or other such devices are used to bring an element of chance to the game. The rules of the game dictate the outcome of each turn, and a lot of negotiations take place among the players.

Avalon Hill originally developed the game in 1959, and since then, it has taken on different forms.

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