What Are Some Game Cheats for "Saints Row: The Third"?


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Some cheats for the game "Saints Row: The Third" include increasing gang and police notoriety by one star, cheats to unlock various types of vehicles, and cheats to unlock various types of weapons. Websites such as GameFAQs.com, IGN.com and CheatCC.com contain the specific codes for these and other cheats.

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All cheat codes in the game require that the player enter a specific code through the Cheats section of the in-game cell phone. To access the phone in the Xbox 360 version, the player needs to press the Back button. To access the menu in the PS3 version, the player needs to press the Select button. Once the phone is present, the player must choose the Extras menu and then select the Cheats option.

From here, she is able to enter any of the cheat codes to instantly activate them. Entering the code "lolz" increases the gang notoriety by one star, while entering in the code "pissoffpigs" increases the police notoriety by one star. The cheat codes for unlocking vehicles and weapons follow a similar format: they all begin with the word "give" and end with some portion of the item's name. For example, to active the K-8 Krukov rifle, enter "givekrukov." Similarly, enter the code "givechallenger" to spawn the Challenger car in front of the player.

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