What Is the Game Bunco?


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Bunco is a dice game played in progressive rounds with different target numbers for players to roll. The game usually has 12 players divided between three tables, with a head table, middle table and losing table. Each person pairs with the person across the table for the round. Players move tables at the end of each round, switching partners frequently as the tables change.

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Each set in a Bunco game includes six rounds. A typical Bunco game includes between two and four sets for a total of 12 to 24 rounds. Each player needs a score sheet with spots for each round. Each table needs three dice.

One player at a time rolls all three dice. The target number corresponds to the round number, so in round one, players want to roll ones. On her turn, the player earns one point each time she rolls the target number and continues rolling until she doesn't roll any of the target number. The player and the person across from her keep track of the points she earned. Play continues around the table.

If a player rolls all three dice at once of the target number, such as three twos in round two, she earns a bunco and 21 points. Three of a different number, such as three fours in round two, earns five points. Each round continues until one team at the head table scores 21 points. At that point, the winning team at the head table stays put, while the losing team goes to the middle table. The winning partners from the lowest and middle tables move up to the next highest table, while the losing team from the middle table moves down to the losing table. The next round begins, and play continues until players finish all rounds.

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