What Is the Game "Arrow Shooter"?


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"Arrow Shooter," more properly known as "Apple Shooter," is a popular Flash-powered online target shooting game from Wolf Games. Players attempt to shoot an apple off of a partner's head from various distances and are awarded points and level-ups for successful attempts.

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Every time the player hits the apple, he must take a step back for his next shot, ensuring that the game continues to get more and more difficult. "Apple Shooter" gameplay itself is very simple: the player aims the bow with his mouse, presses the mouse button to increase the power of the shot and releases the mouse button to fire the arrow. If the shot is successful, the player moves backwards a pre-determined number of feet and the game continues. The game ends if the player misfires and injures his partner. According to the hi-score leaderboard, over 200 players have beaten the game as of August 2015 by shooting 17 out of 17 apples with a 100 percent accuracy rate. "Apple Shooter" is a very popular online game, with over 4,000 shares on Facebook and almost 200 on Google Plus. All of the game's artwork, programming and animation were completed by Wolf Games founder Andrew Wolf and further developed by Office Game Spot

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