What Are Some Funny World of Warcraft Names?

Some funny "World of Warcraft" names from different classes are the warriors Brostorm and Sunderwear and the paladins Bubbleøseven, Bulladin and Unstopbubble. Among the hunter class, there are Arrowdynamic and Dontlosmebro. Rogue names include Backstabbath and Picksprocket, while two priests go by the handles Crossblesser and Praystation. Lichborne and Scourgelord are death knights. There is also the shaman Budlightning, the mage Harryportal, the warlock Wreckquiem and the druid Restofarian.

Many humorous "World of Warcraft" names include puns on skills that different classes posses, such as Cleaveland, the warrior, and Healium, the priest. Others are a play on the names of famous people, such as Bubbleøseven, a take off of James Bond's code name, Double-O-Seven. More names in this category include Envenom, reminiscent of Eminem, Vanhealin, a play on Van Halen, Shocknorris, inspired by Chuck Norris, Grimsheeper, which sounds like Grim Reaper, Warlokhomles, a play on Sherlock Holmes, and Owlcapwn, reminiscent of Al Capone.

As of 2014, there are 3.8 million unique player names in "World of Warcraft," more than the number of unique names in the real world. However, among the 1,000 most-used names in the game, 186 are common real-world names, followed in popularity by existing names from mythology and popular culture.

Around 300 of the most-used names incorporate words associated with positive, negative and neutral connotations, such as "hope," "fear" and "magic." The names that players choose in "World of Warcraft" may reveal insight into their personalities, social prejudices and their approach to playing the game.