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Some funny and useless facts are that a cow can be led up stairs but not down them, a mammal that cannot jump is the elephant and it is impossible for a crocodile to stick out its tongue. The crocodile is unable to do this because the tongue is connected to the bottom part of the mouth by a membrane. Another fact is that the Chinese crested dog can be prone to acne and blackheads.

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Other fun and true animal facts are that hummingbirds can fly backwards, domestic felines cannot move their jaws from side to side and a catfish can have over 20,000 taste buds. A giraffe's tongue is so long that it can clean its ears. A copperhead snake has up to seven spare fangs to replace lost ones.

In medieval times, the term butt referred to a unit of measurement used for wine. A very bizarre and useless fact is that the amputated leg of General Santa Anna was interred with full military honors. In ancient Greek mythology, people with red hair became vampires after they died. In taxonomy, the scientific name for the western lowland gorilla, which is a subspecies of gorilla, is Gorilla gorilla gorilla.

In the United States, there is a national league for rock, paper, scissors. Another useless and funny fact is that some types of reindeer have knees that make clicking sounds as they walk, which ensures they stay together in a snow blizzard.

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