What are some funny truth or dare questions?


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A funny dare question is daring the person to drink a mixture that the other players make using random but edible ingredients found in the kitchen that normally do not belong together. A funny truth question is to ask is "Which person in this room would you kiss?"

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What are some funny truth or dare questions?
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Gettoknowu.com provides a list of questions that you can browse to use during a truth or dare game. Funny dare questions often involve the entire group of players who come together to humiliate the current player, such as creating things for them to eat. Other funny dares include making the person wear one article of clothing belonging to each player, daring them to dance in public to one full song, blindfolding them and having them touch random objects to identify what they are, or daring them to act like a certain animal for the next turn.

Funny truth questions include: "What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?"; "What is your guilty pleasure?"; "Who did you have a crush on when you were a child?"

When playing truth or dare, it is important to know the boundaries and to be safe and responsible. Avoid dares that may potentially cause physical harm or psychological damage, and avoid questions that may trigger an emotional memory.

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