What Are Some Funny Trivia Questions?

funny-trivia-questions Credit: Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

Playing trivia games is a popular, fun way for a group of people with varied interests to spend some time together. When the questions involve amusing answers on a wide variety of topics, anyone has the chance answer correctly, and everyone has a few laughs and a good time. The following entertaining trivia questions are from the Free Pub Quiz website.

According to Free Pub Quiz, nine men were medically documented to have three of what body part when they were examined for the U.S. military draft during World War II?

Answer: Testicles

What was the maiden name of astronaut Buzz Aldrin's mother?

Answer: Moon

Anesthesia was used during childbirth for the first time in 1847. After giving birth, what did the mother name her child?

Answer: Anaesthesia

What nationality was French queen Marie Antoinette, who said, "Let them eat cake!"

Answer: Austrian

In 1945, who gave up his claim that he was a divine god?

Answer: Emperor Hirohito of Japan

Which singer was born in Wales in June 1951 and named Gaynor Hopkins?

Answer: Bonnie Tyler

What is the word for a group of bears?

Answer: A sleuth

Which country pop star was named Eilleen Regina Edwards?

Answer: Shania Twain?