What Are Some Funny Trick Riddles and Answers?

funny-trick-riddles-answers Credit: Hilary Brodey/E+/Getty Images

A funny trick riddle involves telling someone that she is the driver of a school bus, and nine children get off at the first stop, then another six kids hop off at the following stop. Then, the person telling the riddle asks what color are the bus driver's eyes.

The answer to the riddle about the school bus driver's eyes is that the eyes are the color of the person hearing the riddle because she is the driver of the bus, as stated at the beginning of the riddle. The tricky part of this riddle is that the information about the number of children exiting the bus at different stops serves as a distraction. The person hearing the riddle may begin to think that this information is in some way related to the bus driver's eye color when it actually is not.

Another trick riddle that includes irrelevant information to distract the person trying to solve the riddle tells the story of a dead frog on a lily pad. The person telling the riddle asks to which side of the lily pad the frog jumps if the lily pad is floating in the exact middle of the pond. The answer is that the frog does not jump at all because it is dead, but the riddle solver may be so focused on the information about the lily pad being in the middle of the pond that she forgets that the frog is dead.