What Are Some Funny Things to Say to Telemarketers?

What Are Some Funny Things to Say to Telemarketers?

Funny things to say to telemarketers include attempts to sell something to the telemarketer, phone flirting, and pretending to charge the telemarketer money for the call. Another option is asking the telemarketer to hold and setting the phone down to see how long the telemarketer stays on the line. However, the most effective method to stop future calls is asking to be put on the company's do not call list.

The person can interrupt the telemarketer's sales pitch to try to sell something. If he sticks to his own sales pitch long enough, he may get the telemarketer to hang up. If he recognizes the telemarketer's number on caller ID, he can pretend to be a company when he picks up, and then attempt to make a sale.

Pick-up lines are a funny method of phone flirting. The person can also explain how his spouse left him, and then begin attempting to flirt with the telemarketer.

To pretend to charge the telemarketer, the person can immediately inform the telemarketer of a minimum listening rate, and then offer special package deals. For example, he could say that his premium package is $75 per hour and includes a 4-percent chance he purchases the telemarketer's product.

Telemarketers are persistent and usually call back unless the person who picks up specifically requests otherwise. For this reason, a person who wants the calls to stop should just say "please put me on your do not call list." The person should repeat this as much as necessary until the telemarketer agrees.