What Are Some Funny Scavenger Hunt Ideas?


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Some funny items or actions to include in a scavenger hunt would be wearing a lame super hero outfit, finding an oddly shaped fruit or vegetable, wearing ridiculous T-shirts, finding an odd yard decoration and finding creepy stuffed animals. Adding out-of-the-box items to a scavenger hunt can make it more fun, especially when doing a video or a photo hunt.

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The following is a list of funny ideas for items and tasks to put on a scavenger hunt list. These items and tasks are designed for photo or video scavenger hunts.

  • Search through a trash can.
  • Propose to a member of the public.
  • "Did you really just lick that?"
  • Get three shop workers to do a Charlie's Angels pose.
  • Dance with a mannequin.
  • Hug a shop worker, as long as he agrees to it.
  • Get a large number of people to fit into a small, enclosed place.
  • Arrange fruit to look like a smiley face.
  • Purchase two items from a store that would typically be awkward to buy together.
  • Find a ridiculous product that is hard to believe anybody actually buys.
  • Wear costumes or weird clothing in public.
  • Get a picture of a person falling asleep in a weird location.
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