What Are Some Funny Sayings for Someone Turning 50?

Funny sayings for someone turning 50 usually poke fun at the infirmities that come with age. For instance, one popular saying is that by the age of 50 people have their heads together -- but the body has other ideas.

Sayings for 50-year birthdays sometimes come in the form of jokes. For instance, a 50-year-old woman gets told she's still hot, but only in flashes. A man might hear that he spends more time trimming nose hair than head hair. Either gender might hear the best form of birth control for a 50-year-old is nudity.

Some of the best sayings have come from celebrities turning 50. Phyllis Diller stated that, while life might start at 50, everything else has started to wear out, fall out or spread out. Bob Hope said that middle age was when a person's age started showing around the middle. Joan River joked that looking 50 was great -- when a person is 60.

Some sayings attempt to make the 50-year-old feel better. For instance, if a person hasn't grown up by the age of 50, it's not necessary to do so. Likewise, if life feels shorter at 50, there's no point in dieting. Women should think of hot flashes not as menopause but as short vacations in the tropics. A funny wish is saying "Happy 20th anniversary of your 30th birthday."