What Are Some Funny Religious Jokes?

What Are Some Funny Religious Jokes?

Some funny religious jokes are "Father Time" and "Adam and Eve." Other funny religious jokes that discuss God's appearance and different types of Christianity are "A Kindergarten Teacher" and "Denomination."

In "Father Time," a pastor stands at the front of the congregation to give the morning announcements. He announces that next week is daylight savings time. The pastor tells the congregation that those who arrive habitually late for church need to set their clocks back 45 minutes.

Similarly, in "Adam and Eve," the writer tells the story of Adam's first sin. Adam feels guilty about his sin so he goes to cover himself with a fig leaf. Eve also feels guilty about her sin, so she covers herself with a fig leaf. After putting on the fig leaf, Eve goes behind a bush to also try on a maple leaf, a sycamore and an oak.

"A Kindergarten Teacher" tells the story of a kindergarten teacher who instructs her class to draw pictures. She walks around the class to watch the students draw. One little girl tells the teacher that she is drawing a picture of God. The teacher protests that no one knows what God looks like. The student tells the teacher that people can see what God looks like when she finishes her picture.

Another funny religious joke is "Denomination." A woman goes to the post office. She gets in line and asks the post master for a number of Hanukkah stamps. The post master asks the woman in what denominations she wants the stamps. The woman replies that she wants 30 orthodox, 12 conservative and 20 reformed.