What Are Some Funny "You're so Ugly..." Jokes?

There are a lot of "Yo Momma" jokes about ugliness, which can easily be expressed in the format of "You're so ugly ..." These include saying that the person is so ugly that she is rejected by ugly contests for being a professional; bathtub water jumps out when she gets in; and strip clubs pay her to keep her clothes on. Many "You're so ugly" jokes could refer to either men or women.

Other "You're so ugly" jokes include telling the person that, because of her ugliness, she would come out of a haunted house with a job application; even Hello Kitty would say "Goodbye" to her; the government is going to change the date of Halloween to her birthday; and a mugger robbing her house would make her wear his mask.

Various "You're so ugly" jokes, in the format of "Yo Momma" quips, may be found at the Laugh Factory's website. Opening in 1979, the Laugh Factory is a highly recognized comedy club with locations in Southern California, including Long Beach and Hollywood. Some comedians who have performed at the Laugh Factory are Jim Carrey, George Carlin, David Letterman and Jay Leno. The comedian Rodney Dangerfield, known for his humorous complaints about getting no respect, delivered several "I knew a girl so ugly" jokes in his routines.