What Are Some Funny Pranks to Play on People?


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Some funny pranks to play on people include freezing Mentos candies in ice then placing them into a person's glass of soda, taping an air horn to the bottom of an office chair or changing a computer's language setting. Other pranks involve changing aspects of someone's home or desk.

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What Are Some Funny Pranks to Play on People?
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To play a Mentos ice cube prank on someone, place several of the candies in an ice cube tray with water overnight to make ice cubes. Offer to get someone a glass of soda, then place the ice cubes in the drink. Once the ice melts, the candies interact with the soda, causing an explosive foaming reaction.

An office chair air horn prank involves taping the horn to the pneumatic shaft of the chair, aligning the horn's lever to the undercarriage of the seat. When the person sits down, the depression of the chair presses on the horn, causing it to sound and startle the person.

Many funny pranks also involve rearranging someone's personal space, such as moving furniture or changing the times on clocks to cause confusion. Some office pranks include hiding toy bugs or rodents on someone's desk or creating false notes from a boss or coworker. Other pranks involve altering computer settings, including the language settings or keyboard shortcuts. Another computer prank involves changing a person's desktop wallpaper to a humorous or inappropriate image.

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