What Are Some Funny Pranks to Do at Home?


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Some funny pranks to do at home include putting bubble wrap under the toilet seat, changing the television viewing settings and making "sudless soap." Other ideas are to booby-trap a closet or to make ice cubes with fake bugs inside.

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To do the bubble wrap prank, lift the toilet seat, set a layer of bubble wrap around the rim, then place the seat down. For the TV prank, change the settings on the television by allowing only preschool-appropriate shows or by blocking favorite channels. Make sure to remember any passwords necessary to restore the regular settings after the prank. To make soap that doesn't lather, paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish and allow it to dry before placing it in the shower or near the sink.

Fill a closet, cabinet or medicine chest with balloons, confetti or packing peanuts. Shut the door tightly so that the next person who opens it gets a surprise. Purchase small plastic bugs and create a trail through the house. Place a giant plastic ant at the end of the trail for a startling surprise.

Prank a computer user by right-clicking the desktop and clicking Screen Resolution. Next to the Orientation heading, click Landscape (Flipped), then click OK to create an upside-down virtual reality.

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