What Are Some Funny Magic Tricks?


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Two fun, easy magic tricks to try on friends are Pop Bottle Penny Hop and Forky the Friendly Fork. The Pop Bottle Penny Hop trick requires an empty glass bottle and a penny.

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What Are Some Funny Magic Tricks?
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Put the bottle in the freezer for about 20 minutes. Take it out, dip the penny in water, and place the wet penny on top of the opening to the bottle so it covers the top completely. While holding the top of the bottle tightly in one hand, chant "Hippity hop, penny hop." As your hand warms the air in the bottle, the warm air rises upward, and the penny moves up and down.

For Forky the Friendly Fork, two forks and a square dinner napkin are needed. Hold up the napkin while holding one fork in the right hand pointing downward and hidden behind the napkin. Interlace the tines of the second fork with the tines of the one in your right hand. Still keeping both forks behind the napkin, point the second fork straight up behind the napkin. Ask your audience if they would like to meet a friend named Forky. Jiggle the fork in your right hand upward. The second fork then peeks up from behind the napkin and waves at the audience.

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