What Are Some Funny Jokes for Kids?


Funny jokes for kids often involve animals, such as the story of the boy who goes to the pet store to buy bird seed. The store clerk asks him how many birds he wants to feed. The boy says, "None; I want to grow some!"

Dogs are the source of many kids' jokes. For instance: In the winter, my dog wears his coat. In the summer he wears his coat and pants! This funny animal joke takes two people: "Knock Knock!" "Who's there?" "Interrupting cow." "Interrupting cow wh..." "Moo!"

Another knock-knock joke for kids is: "Knock, knock." "Who's there?" "Lettuce." "Lettuce who?" "Lettuce in, it's freezing out here!" To continue the food theme: A restaurant customer asks, "Do you have spaghetti on the menu today?" The server replies, "Not anymore; I cleaned it off."

A visit to the doctor's office is a possible source of humor for kids. For instance, a patient tells a doctor, "Patient: I think I'm losing my memory." The doctor says, "When did it start?" The patient asks, "When did what start?"

Another medical joke: A patient says to the doctor, "Doctor, I think I need glasses." A waiter replies, "You sure do! This is a restaurant!"

Kids also enjoy poking fun at adults. On the day a prisoner is released, he runs around, shouting, "I'm free, I'm free!" A little kid hears this, shrugs, and says, "Big deal. I'm four!"