What Funny Jokes Can Be Used During a Sleepover for Girls?


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Practical jokes at sleepovers range from surprising a friend by swapping her toothpaste for mayonnaise to drawing on her face while she's asleep. The comedy at sleepovers usually consists of mostly practical jokes, or pranks. Verbal jokes can also be used at sleepovers, although they're less common than practical jokes. Verbal jokes at sleepovers usually consist of lightly poking fun at peers, each other or current events.

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A notorious practical joke is to put plastic wrap tightly over the toilet seat. When a girl uses the toilet, whatever comes out bounces right back onto her. Another joke that works well is to put whipped cream on a friend's hands while she's asleep and tickle her face with a feather. When the girl instinctively itches her face, she wakes up with a face full of whipped cream.

A sleeping victim becomes very confused if she wakes up in another place. Move a sleeping friend to a cold bathtub, outside or to another friend's house, then wake her up with a loud noise or light. She wakes up extremely confused and disoriented. The friend's reaction when she wakes up, along with all practical jokes, can be recorded on videotape for later enjoyment.

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