What Are Some Funny Ideas for Chili Cook-Off Trophies?


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Some funny ideas for a chili cook-off trophy include trophies that feature anthropomorphic peppers or trophies that feature monsters or demons to represent the heat factor of the chili that won the contest. Another funny idea is to use a trophy that resembles a toilet bowl.

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What Are Some Funny Ideas for Chili Cook-Off Trophies?
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Instead of receiving a regular trophy, a chili cook-off winner can receive a belt that is similar to those that professional wrestlers receive when they win a championship. Winners can also receive a trophy that features a golden calf or pig that represents the beef or pork used in the chili recipe. Also a giant ladle or serving spoon works well to represent the cook's efforts in the competition. A golden statue of a fat chef is also humorous.

Instead of receiving an actual trophy, the cook can receive a bottle of Pepto-Bismol or a pack of antacids on a pedestal that features his name and the prize he won. Some other off-kilter ideas include stacking cans of beans on top of each other to form a trophy or using a miniature chili pot. Also, instead of receiving a trophy, the cook can receive a custom-engraved chili spoon with his name and specialty on the handle.

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