What Are Some Funny Icebreakers?


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A funny icebreakers includes requiring all members of your gathering to bring their favorite t-shirts and then explaining how the shirts reflect their personality. Additionally, after taking a Polaroid photo of all guests, decorate a board with all photos and ask guests to find their partner's photo.

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What Are Some Funny Icebreakers?
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For a simplistic, funny icebreaker, ask all guests to describe, in detail, their ideal vacations. Another option relies on each guest's spontaneity. As each guest arrives, ask him to describe his favorite animal with three adjectives. Then, write those adjective on the guest's name tag before writing his name. For example, one name tag may read "adventurous, determined, loyal. Rick." Guests can then interact by guessing each other's favorite animal.

For another funny icebreaker, assemble all participants in a room. Ask each guest to guess which other guest has a birthday closest to hers, guessing month and day only while leaving out the year. After the guests with the closest birthdays have been identified, ask them to get to know each other and identify two things they have in common. A final funny icebreaker is asking each guest to complete a given sentence, such as, "The best job I ever had was..." or "The riskiest thing I have ever done was..."

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