What Are Some Funny Ice-Breaker Baby Shower Games?


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Some funny baby shower ice-breaker games include Baby Mad Libs, Baby Bingo, Baby Pictures and Chug the Bottle. These baby-themed games may involve simple humor or incorporate drinking game elements to lighten the mood of the room.

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What Are Some Funny Ice-Breaker Baby Shower Games?
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Baby Mad Libs functions just like ordinary Mad Libs, but the game can focus on the expecting mother and the pregnancy. Write out a story about mother and child with some nouns, verbs and adjectives strategically left out. Guests can take turns filling in the blanks and then reading the story out loud.

Baby Bingo is another humorous game that pokes fun at the conventions of baby shower gifts. Hosts can either print, buy or make their own Baby Bingo cards, with each square on a card corresponding to a common shower gift. Players mark off squares as the mother opens her presents; whoever fills up a card first wins a prize.

Baby Pictures is a simple, humorous game that involves guests bringing pictures of themselves as babies to the party. Players post their pictures around the room and then attempt to guess which baby pictures correspond to which adult guests.

Chug the Bottle is a silly drinking game that can loosen up guests. Hosts fill up baby bottles with alcoholic beverages such as beer or non-alcoholic drinks such as milk, and players compete to find out who can chug the bottles the fastest.

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