What Are Some Funny Games to Play at a Family Reunion?

funny-games-play-family-reunion Credit: Yellow Dog Productions/Taxi/Getty Images

Some funny games to play at a family reunion, as suggested by HowStuffWorks, are "Hot Potato Camera" and "Family Secrets." In the "Hot Potato Camera" game, members of the family sit in a circle with a camera set on an auto-timer; the camera should be passed around until it takes a picture, and the person left holding the camera must do something silly, like making a face.

In "Family Secrets," everyone draws the name of a family member and then asks that person questions that can be funny or serious. Another game that is great for family reunions involves everyone bringing old family photos, such as baby photos, and people guessing who is pictured in each of the photos.

Other classic games that can be a lot of fun are trivia, where the family splits into teams and tries to answer trivia questions correctly, and charades, where people mime out certain words and other people try to guess those words.

Family reunions, where many members of the same family gather, are a perfect time to play games where everyone can bond and have fun. Funny games that people can play involve finding out more about each other and the family, creating memories and competing in good spirit.