What Are Some Funny Games for Groups?


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Balderdash, Scattegories and Catch Phrase are a few funny board games to play in groups. Pictionary and charades are some other funny games that only require writing utensils, some paper and people to play.

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In Balderdash, players make up a definition to an obscure word. The round leader then reads the made-up definitions along with the real one, and the players guess which is the actual definition. The resulting made-up definitions are often amusing or more convincing than the true definition. Catch Phrase and Scattergories are games that involve fast-talking and thinking, which often results in hilarious statements and exchanges between players.

Groups also have fun playing charades. One team writes suggestions for a player on the other team to act out, and other players on the second team have to guess the action. Pictionary is similar, but the players draw, instead of act-out, the suggestion.

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