What Are Some Funny Gamertag Ideas?


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According to Altered Gamer, funny gamertag ideas include coming up with a name that works within the context of the game notification. In "Call of Duty" games, for instance, the pop-up notification says, “Killed by” and then lists the gamertag of the person who made the kill. If the gamertag is "A Terrible Shot," the pop-up notification reads, “Killed by A Terrible Shot.”

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One problem that gamers have when coming up with a gamertag on a network like Xbox Live is the sheer number of users active within the community. This makes it hard to come up with an original name, making random word generators especially handy. Some of these generators allow the user to put in a prefix or suffix. Funny prefixes to put random words on the back of include General, Mr. and Sergeant. Some of the randomly generated names could include Sergeant Cheap or Mr. Fluffy.

If the user wants to use a suffix in the word generator, he could use popular Japanese suffixes such as san, sama or chan. In Japan, the suffix sama is used when referring to someone who is of higher rank or deserves the utmost respect. So putting a word like cheap in front of sama creates an ironic play on words. In such a case, the gamertag becomes Cheap-sama.

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