What Are Some Funny Examples of Prank Phone Calls?


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Some examples of prank phone calls include pretending that the person who answers initiated the call, and to ask for a person whose name is a pun. Another funny example of a prank phone call is to call repeatedly and ask for someone by name who isn't at the number, and then a few days later, call pretending to be the person who isn't at the number and then ask for any messages that people called and left.

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When asking for a person who is not at the number, it helps to call the person by name. For example, by repeatedly asking if Adam is present, the caller prepares the target for the last day's call. On the last day, the person calls the same target, identifies himself as Adam and then asks if anyone left him a message.

Another way to make a prank phone call is to ask for a person with two names that, when said together, mean something completely different. One example of this is to call a bar and ask them if Al Kaholoc is at the bar. If it goes according to plan, the person answering the phone yells, "Is there an alcoholic at the bar?" This works with a number of word combinations such as Anita Bath and Eura Snotbal.

One way to prank call is to do something funny when telemarketers call. For example, if a young child is close by, the recipient could hand the phone to the young child and ask the child to tell the caller about dinosaurs or another topic the child likes to talk about. Another way to prank call a telemarketer is to pretend another person is at the door, promise to come back, and then set the phone down and walk away.

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