What Are Some Funny Deer Hunting Jokes?


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One deer hunting joke is "Did you hear the one about the deer hunter who comes across another hunter and tells him how relieved he is to find him because he's been lost for hours? The other hunter replies: 'That's nothing. I've been lost for a week.'"

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Another deer hunting joke goes, "A deer hunter tells his buddies about how he always misses his buck, whether because he sneezes and spooks it, or because he falls asleep in his deer stand and wakes up just in time to see a beauty fleeing or because he just fires and misses. 'Everything that happens to guys who don't know how to hunt keeps happening to me!' he exclaims."

Another popular deer hunting joke is "A deer hunter just back from a hunt stops in the grocery store and asks the butcher for a couple of steaks. The butcher says they're out of steak, but he can get him some chicken and hot dogs. 'Chicken and hot dogs!' the hunter says. 'How can I tell my wife I bagged chicken and hot dogs?'"

One last deer hunting joke is "A big buck visits a diner and orders a burger and fries. The cashier says they don't get too many bucks in there. The buck says, 'At these prices, I'm not surprised.'"

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