What Are Some Funny, Cheesy Jokes?


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One funny cheesy joke from Comedy Central starts with the simple question, "Why did the mouse go to the party?" with the answer being "He heard they were playing Parcheesi!" This is a cute, cheesy joke that also plays on the fact that cheese is included in the answer.

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What Are Some Funny, Cheesy Jokes?
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Another simple and cheesy joke from the American Grandparents Association begins with the question, "Where will you find a swimmer who can't believe he's drowning?" with the answer being, "in de-Nile!" The Nile, of course, is a river in Africa so "in de-Nile" is a cheesy play on words. The swimmer is in "the" Nile so the "de" acts as "the" while also creating the word "denial." A person who is drowning but does not believe that he is drowning would be in "denial."

Yet another cheesy joke comes from Reader's Digest. It is in the form of a question: "Why is there so much pressure to spend Independence Day with other people?" This joke is cheesy and focuses on the word "independence" in Independence Day. The joke focuses on the idea that on the day that celebrates being independent, people are asked to be "dependent" instead and spend all of their time with one another.

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