What Are Some Funny Blonde Jokes?


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Some funny blonde jokes are "The Blonde and the Blinker" and the blonde that wants to buy alligator shoes. Another funny blonde joke tells the story of three friends trapped in the desert. The friends find a magic lamp and ask for wishes.

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What Are Some Funny Blonde Jokes?
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In "The Blonde and the Blinker," a brunette is driving a vehicle with a blonde in the passenger's seat. The driver asks the blonde to look out the window and tell her if her turn signal is working properly. The blonde looks outside and says "Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No."

In another blonde joke, a blonde wants to buy a pair of shoes that are made of alligator skin. She asks the store clerk how much the shoes cost. The clerk tells her, and she believes that the price is too expensive. She asks the store clerk to lower the price, but he refuses. The blonde again asks for a lower price, and the exasperated store clerk tells the woman to go to the alligator pond behind the store and kill her own alligator.

Angry and determined, the blonde leaves the store. When the clerk goes to check on her, he finds the blonde dragging her sixth, dead alligator onto the grass. The blonde takes a look at the alligator and sadly exclaims, "This one isn't wearing shoes, either!"

When a blonde, a brunette and a red-haired woman find themselves lost in the desert, they begin to give up hope of making it out alive. Then, the women find a magic lamp. They rub the lampm and a genie emerges to grant each woman one wish. The brunette and red-haired women wish to return home, and immediately, the genie sends them home. The blonde then wishes her friends were back in the desert with her.

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