What Are Some Funny Attention Getters?

Some funny attention getters are using a pickup line with clever words and highlighting unusual things that two people have in common. Another funny attention getter is to do something unusual or a prank in public with a group.

An example of a way to get attention with a funny pickup line is to say that despite not being a photographer, it's easy to picture certain people together. If the attention is for a romantic purpose, the clever attention getter could be to say that the person's hand looks heavy, followed by asking the person if she needs someone to hold it for her. Alternatively, the person could say that the woman is so beautiful that she makes a person forget his pickup line.

In addition, similarities, such as a common birthplace or attended school get attention by bringing people together in an intriguing and humorous way. Pointing out unusual hobbies in common with a person or group is another way to get attention in a funny way. Group pranks for public display might include breaking into a water-gun fight in a large group.